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Fot. Huawei

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  • HuaweiSpyware

    My European Huawei Mate 9 came with some pre installed software out of the box, namely News Republic, WPS Office, Todoist and some others. I didn’t bother to uninstall them but I did remove all permissions and mobile/wifi data access on day 1.

    I run OpenDNS at home and when checking the logs today I’ve noticed some unusually high internet accesses to ksmobile.com , ksmobile.net , and cmcm.com

    In the last 3 days there have been:
    2969 (!!) requests to helpnewsrepublic1.ksmobile.com
    82 requests to cm.gcm.ksmobile.com
    67 to n.m.ksmobile.net
    65 to ws.ksmobile.net
    42 to ups.ksmobile.net
    167 to ms.cmcm.com
    The domains seem to belong to ‚Cheetah Mobile’, makers of News Republic among some other software that I’ve never heard before.

    The strangest thing is I have never run News Republic. In fact as I’ve mentioned before I have disabled mobile data, wifi access and removed all permissions from day 1 yet it seems my phone is still communicating with Cheetah Mobile’servers „